Configurator is your unified start point
for all Weigl hardware.

Lighting Fast Setup

Configurator helps get your animated figure moving or your lights illuminated in just a matter of minutes with its intuitive user interface and rapid response. A unique auto-scan utility will identify Weigl hardware found on the local network and provide filtered parameters for functionality specific to each device.


Beyond Setup

Once devices are setup, Configurator provides convenient test and adjust resources:

  • Full device settings access for all devices
  • Network firmware updates with newly enhance process
  • Start show controls
  • View shows available on each device
  • Real-time digital input monitoring
  • Show logic testing
  • Test and adjust analog and servo motors
  • Real-time digital output – click-to-test
  • Debug console and command line interface
  • Graphically set and adjust Analog end points
  • Real-time show status monitoring
  • Set and adjust DMX merger settings and DMX-Read-in configuration
  • Test DMX channels

Screen Examples